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Areas of Specialisation



We have an excellent relationship with a large number of travel agencies, both corporate and leisure, throughout the peninsula. With an ear to the ground, we make every effort to place consultants in an environment where they enjoy what they do.
Our clients rest assured that consultants have been reference checked, and we have verified that they are able to do the job required.
Industry experience going back to the 70's gives us a unique insight into the requirments needed by successful operators and what staff best suits their needs.
We have placed staff from Kommetjie to Paarl and all areas inbetween.
We carefully assess our candidates, and look at the environment they will work in beofre submitting for a position.

As opposed to generalist agencies, we have concentrated on providing staff to upmarket boutique hotels, guesthouses and resorts. Our expertise lies in all front of house positions where customer service and professionalism is paramount:

 Our client list includes international resort conglomerates, popular Overberg country retreats, golf resorts in the Southern Cape and exclusive False Bay guesthouses.

 You will not be inundated with unsuitable candidates who cannot meet your job specification requirements.

 As a client, we prefer to partner you with regard to staffing needs. You are then freed up to concentrate on your core business. We work in tandem to get you the right people to achieve this.

 We are also geared up to provide you with temporary contract staff, on our payroll, for ease of administration and HR issues.

 While we specialise in FOH, we gladly accept assignments for all other hospitality positions as well.

We are priveledged to provide staff to most of the industry leaders in both car and truck rental. This has resulted in a database of potentially top notch staff, experienced and knowledgable. An in-depth understanding of the industry helps us to place people with the right attitude toward this highly customer focussed sector.
Staff have been placed at every level of this exacting industry. We understand the level of dedication that is a given to anyone employed in distribution and always attempt to screen candidates carefully in this respect before putting them forward.
This sector requires staff of the highest calibre in terms of technical and engineering capability. We have a number of international companies who require us to source both permanent and contract candidates who areconsidered for positons both locally and field-based. This offers enormous opportunities to qualified people who meet our clients high standards..
When handling accounting placements, equal attention is placed on the personality of the applicant and their long-term career goals. We recognise that qualifications do not ensure success, and that to perform at an exceptional standard in a professional environment may only suit some people, while the cut-and-thrust of the corporate world brings out the best in others. We work together with out clients at every level of this recrutment process.
Service Solutions taps into vast experience in transport, together with recognised qualifications and an excellent reputation for superior service. Suppling staff at every level from drivers to managing directors, this industry forms the basis of our extensive database.


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