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Customer Requirements
You, the client, requires your operation to run smoothly and effectively. By using Service Solutions and their database of skilled temps, this becomes a reality in unforseen circumstances

An easy and quick solution when permanent staff are ill, on leave, or to assist with work overload.
Allows you, the employer to plan ahead without losing productivity
To continue running an effective office environment with pre-skilled staff

The need for a temp arises at the most inconvenient times, periods in the month, or seasons in the year.
Service Solutions prides itself in having a pre-skilled database to assist for these trying times.
Quickest possible turn around time and your production wheel will once again be turning.

Call us, we'll take the stress out of your day and remember to bookmark this page.

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Employee Requirements
We offer above-average rates based on your experience and expertise. If you have what it takes to be highly customer service driven, we promise to make every effort to place you on assignments that best suit both you and our customer.

We are always on the lookout for top notch people, so why not give us a call.

Call 021 532 0558 or simply e-mail

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