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When companies need temporary staff, it is usually at the least convenient time. That is when you need to know that the company to ask to assist you is going to treat your request with care and professionalism.

At Service Solutions we take just as much care and attention to temp assignments as we do to permanent placements. In other words we treat each job spec with the respect it deserves and make every effort to send candidates who add value to your organisation.

If possible you are given the opportunity to conduct interviews and select the most suitable temps, their skills are assessed as far as is practical, and references checked.

We negotiate fees according to what you, as the client, can afford and if possible pay our staff above-average rates.


We offer above-average rates based on your experience and expertise. If you have what it takes to be highly customer service driven, we promise to make every effort to place you on assignments that best suit both you and our customer.

We are always on the lookout for top notch people, so why not give us a call.

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