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 Response Handling



Service Solutions offers its client the option of handling responses generated by the client’s own advert.


This is how it works;



  1. If required, Service Solutions will assist you in drawing up an advert to be placed in the media of your choice, in the format you feel would be most effective.
  2. Service Solutions will place the advert, the cost of which is for your account.
  3. The advert may contain either your own logo, or Service Solutions logo, or simply headed with the position on offer.
  4. All contact details will be for Service Solutions – telephone, fax and e-mail.
  5. All CV responses will be screened and submitted to you, with a priorities shortlist most matching the job specification.
  6. All respondents not selected by for interviews will be regretted.



COST OF THIS SERVICE: R3 500.00 per assignment (excluding VAT and the cost of advertising)


Assignment costs are payable in advance.

Service Solutions cannot guarantee the success of any advertisement and cannot be held responsible if a suitable candidate cannot be identified.

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